cannabis fitness
​First, whether you were brought here by my old business card, by email, by advert, or by this wild flyer...
I'd like to give a heads-up on the number of links found throughout this letter of introduction. These links, each going to various depths, offer a lot of background information and examples of my work and thinking. My intention with all this info. is not to frustrate or bog down the reader, but merely offer plenty of backstory to satisfy, and hopefully further pique, your curiosity.
That said, dive only as deep as you wish; indeed, you might want to just read the entire letter first before hitting any links.* Your call, whatever works. In any event, thank you for considering the challenge and treasure hunt I offer herein, from Resolution 2020 to the Cannabis Fitness Challenge #4, and everything beyond.

​Welcome. Following this preface is a two-page introduction letter that serves to tell you about me and my work, namely a project I'm planning for 2020 called the Cannabis Fitness Challenge #4.
* attachment side-tracks especially deep in content/length are marked with a big letter D as above right