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I created 10 years ago during the tail end of my pharmacy career. 

Indeed, it was because of this site that I lost, or I should say left, my job as a hospice pharmacist after 15 years in the profession. The professional/ethical crisis that led to my exit is recounted in my textbook, Movies, Marijuana, and Mind: An Exploration of the Thirteenth Configuration, see Appendix B: "Recalling the Journey on Our Silver Anniversary: A Pharmacist’s Recipe for a Healthy Human-Cannabis Relationship." 

For most of the past 10 years this site has been dormant; partly because I’ve been busy with other projects; but mostly because this site was merely an experiment to begin with, a way for me to explore (through essay and creative narrative) a number of ideas regarding cannabis and how to counsel patients on its use; exactly the type of activity one would expect from a cannabis-consuming pharmacist-activist cum philosopher-writer. Indeed, it is in the name and spirit of patient counseling and public drug education that originally motivated not just this site but much of my work with cannabis since.

In any event, if you're curious about it, you can take a quick peek at that original site (a sort of web-book if you will), with all its various essays and imaginative explorations (48 chapters in all), by clicking the link below.