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the challenge of self-assessment
What we knew about our world and cosmos just 100 years ago is but a mere fraction of what we know today, and the learning curve remains steep! Here's one way we can look at the challenge before us: As the slide below illustrates, we can view the self as a system within a system within a system and so on. Whether we move up in scale and assess the systems of which the human being is a part, or move down in scale to see the systems that comprise the human being, we can see the challenge of self-assessment works on many levels.
In addition to seeing life as a series of interdependent systems, we can also see life as the intertwining of interconnected storiesReconciling and harmonizing the personal story of the individual, as well as the collective story of the human species as a whole, with the greater story of the Earth and the Cosmos is the fundamental challenge (i.e. the Great Work) we humans now face.
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