cannabis fitness
While Movies, Marijuana, and Mind was originally written to support two 'film & philosophy' courses on cannabis, a shorter 4-session introductory course has been added to ease preliminary testing and sampling of the textbook while minimizing initial commitment for student-participants.

The three course are:

1. The Cannabis Fitness Challenge #4: Putting This Book 
to the Test with 4 Mind Expanding Sessions

2. Foundations of Cannabis Fitness & Finding Your Bliss in Movie Class: An Exploration of Wise Cannabis Use, Addiction Management, and Higher Purpose

3. Cinema, Cannabis, and the Maturation of Human Consciousness: A Study of the Human Condition with Love, Imagination, and Reason

While the Cannabis Fitness Challenge #4 course consists of four sessions over four months, the other two courses are each 13 session courses over four months. 

As with all my courses at Manitou Movie School each session includes a introductory presentation/introduction followed by a movie screening. Class discussions are an integral part of each course and arranged according to course needs and goals. 

Data and results of these courses will be collected as part of the Global Cannabis Education Project, a democratized study of cannabis through citizen science, grassroots scholarship, and person-based research.