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about Dean
After leaving my career as a pharmacist in 2011, I resolved to exit the healthcare profession altogether and, after a bit of soul-searching, resolved to start a new career as a ‘film & philosophy’ teacher. So I went back to grad school and ended up writing my master’s thesis on a teaching method I developed called cinema-based education. Skipping the particulars, my textbook is a follow-up to that and serves as a bridge from one career to another, from pharmacist to teacher. 

My book also continues my 18 years of effort as a community activist; an increasingly dubious proposition that has required significant adjustment along the way. That is to say, while the high ideals and basic goals remain the same, my approach and expectations have changed considerably over the years as youthful hope and naiveté has confronted real-world experience and hard reality.  

For more on my background, a click here will give you my webpage portfolio up to around 2011. This portfolio page, which is part of an earlier website I created called, in turn offers dozens of rabbit holes for the curious and intrepid explorer.

For a snapshot resume, click here.

For a more detailed up-to-date biography, click here.

As mentioned in the preface, there's no need at this point to dive deeper into the above links and many attachments to this letter than your curiosity demands. Again, my intention with all these links and attachments is to further inform and pique your curiosity, not frustrate or dissuade it. Herein, as in my classroom, fill your head with as much as you need or wish, a little less to stay hungry, a little more to push your limits. Whatever works.