cannabis fitness
journaling and story-making
For me, writing is more of a tool than an end in itself, a way for me to explore various thoughts and ideas about all sorts of stuff. With the help of cannabis, I also employ writing, namely creative writing, as a means to both healing and problem solving. Indeed I first started experimenting with this combination of cannabis and creative writing when developing this website over 10 years ago; and, many of the characters and scenarios I invented or discovered back then continue their life and development in Movies, Marijuana, and Mind (namely in sections 3 and 4 of each chapter as well as the introduction; which together I call "Far-Out Bedtime Stories"). 
For example, in my Far-Out Bedtime Stories, the character Doc represents the more professional aspect of myself, while the character Anton represents the more private aspect of myself. Completing this trio, you might say that Dean represents the more personal aspect of myself, the everyday character as it were. Of course, as the slide on the left indicates, these three aspects of self can both overlap and be separate.
In any event, during the course of this "narrative therapy" I often create or find characters that represent different aspects of my self...a self it seems often divided into threes.
Now, allowing a bit of play for demonstration purposes, let's give Doc the floor at this point, so that the teacher may explain how the self can exist in, and be described by, other triune arrangements...