cannabis fitness
rests on us
Someone (not Einstein) with experience in such matters once said something to the effect: When faced with a most difficult problem, give it to a lazy person, for they will find the easiest way to solve it.

Complementary to the above approach, Einstein did however offer the sage advice given in the slide on the right, which pretty much sums the intention or aim of our textbook.
Holy shit! This two-sided exploration, already a challenge in itself, just went from intriguing and exciting to insurmountable and despairing!

Take faith, and get to work. Take a small step at a time. Start low and go slow. Take it easy and enjoy yourself along the way. Leap if you must. Love and trust with all your heart. Continue to exercise your mind and body, and do not underestimate your capacity…Such is the advice of Mai Chi, a character who appears in Far-Out Bedtime Stories.

An old sage who lives in a tree, Mai Chi, is a most curious character who loves his cannabis and is prone to laziness; and yet, this drunken master is the first we consult when confronted with a most difficult problem. Why?