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What is cosmogenesis? The genesis of the cosmos. The birth of the cosmos. More, it's the ongoing birthing of a living cosmos, a grand process in which we humans, at least in our own little corner of the universe, play an absolutely crucial role.
Teilhard de Chardin, Paleontologist-Jesuit Priest
The Phenomenon of Man (1955)
Concerning that great question on the purpose of life, I've found no better answer than that provided on the right by Teilhard de Chardin, as it so well fits with both science and personal experience.
Here we see not only a good explanation and reason for life in general, but also strong motivation and higher purpose in the greater human endeavor. In other words, in all our inquiries and efforts to know and see more, which at this point in our history is far far greater than ever, we are fulfilling the purpose of life, playing our critical role in cosmogenesis; that is, through us the cosmos is seeing more and more of itself and, by all evidence, this process never ends. 

Thus, in passing that triple litmus test of goodness, beauty, and truth so honored by the Ancient Greeks, Teilhard's great answer to that great question on life's purpose well-deserves further attention, investigation, and consideration.

In a casual mix of book club and seminar format that stretches over two 13-week terms, we read Teilhard's seminal book The Phenomenon of Man and then gather twice a month (FAC style) to share our perspectives and thoughts. In this introductory course we focus on key terms and concepts, including: Teilhard's Law of Complexity-Consciousness, the within and without of existence, the noosphere, hyper-personal awareness, love as fundamental energy, and Omega Point cosmology. Cheers!