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the remainder
What do you aim to do with the remainder of this life?

Me, I've been exploring this question both on paper and in practice for three decades now. As my portfolio attests, much I’ve attempted and accomplished. 

As my work herein demonstrates, much I’m attempting and aiming to accomplish. 

But beyond all this, my ultimate if not immediate dream is to have my own movie theater (or otherwise have easy access or close association with one or more of them). 

Indeed, if this wish were granted right now, in the present, I could immediately begin implementing the various plans expressed herein, as well as many more not expressed, including one my ultimate dreams of simply playing host (who knows, perhaps with a William Castle twist) to folks who wish to watch all sorts of movies, perhaps most especially old movies, as one of my main and final dreams (among others) in this life is to study film history of the 20th Century; and what better way to do this than through realization of the Manitou Movie School with all its various film courses and plans beyond.

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What do I aim to do with the remainder of this life?

The simplest answer: I'd like to do a lot more of what I've already done, only better; as well as a bunch of things I've never done. Yet none of these can be accomplished alone.