cannabis fitness
a bi-directional pharmacodynamic
Cannabis is a most unique medicine in that it has, in spades, what I see as a truly "bi-directional" pharmacodynamic, in that this herbal remedy works very effectively and simultaneously on both mind and body. Thus, showing a hallmark of holistic healing, cannabis works from both ends of the spectrum of life. Realizing this mutually reinforcing bi-directional action, as many cannabis healers and authors have, is no small matter as it immediately empowers the consumer as few if any other drugs can.
Uniquely, as cannabis does its thing at the molecular-cellular level through the endo-cannabinoid system, it simultaneously works on the mind, not only as a mood elevator and motivator, but also as a catalyzer to that potent healer within, that is, the healer of the mind (in effect cannabis can enhance the placebo effect). Thus as you exercise and strengthen your inner shaman through means beyond cannabis, cannabis can help you all the more. Of course, as with explaining a kiss (see the "kiss of cannabis" in Chapter 1, section 2), words can only go so far in explaining such effects of cannabis. To fully understand the plant, one must have direct experience with it.