cannabis fitness
three categories of cannabis use
Direct first-person experience with cannabis teaches us things about the plant that no amount of biochemical analysis or other type of objective study ever could. Like the experience of a kiss, or visiting somewhere you've never been before, reading about such mysteries in a book or observing them from a distance can only do so much. Such is the basic method and starting point of science, as well as the development of life itself. Ultimately it is our experience with the world around us that dictates what we know and what we believe, how we think and how we live. 
In the study of cannabis we encounter a democratization of science whereby the experience of everyone counts. As with amateur birdwatching where all may contribute to the body of avian knowledge, so too this opportunity presents with cannabis, though lingering laws, taboos, and institutional holds on research can make such citizen input difficult. In any case, as with knowing that cannabis can do more than help us heal and relax (it can help us problem solve too), there are things about cannabis that are only understood through ingestion of the plant for direct experience of its effects.