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I can't speak for all cannabis consumers, but I think many of us eventually see that what we're dealing with here is not just a plant we smoke or eat, but another living being we interact with, an intelligence we commune with, an ally we partner with. Indeed, as I've written and said many times, in our consumption of cannabis we form a relationship with the plant, a sort of symbiosis if you will, whereby what we get out of this relationship depends on what we humans put into it.
In this light, we might see cannabis more as a catalyst than an answer by itself, an agent that mostly helps the process along (in this case the process of healing, recreation, and/or problem-solving). But so far as the end result or product of the process, that depends mostly on the initial ingredients we put into the process.  

So what should we humans put into our relationship with cannabis? What initial ingredients might we add to this cannabis-catalyzed process?