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A number of interesting questions remain regarding the effect of cannabis upon the brain and consciousness. Does cannabis affect the dual-brain system for instance, perhaps enhancing or disrupting communication between the two cerebral hemispheres? What would the images of neuroscience say about this? What does direct experience with cannabis say about this? Might the effects of cannabis on consciousness be due to it somehow promoting/accessing the unique mindset of the right brain, which is less language based and more holistic in its thinking?
The double helix model of cannabis psychotherapeutics uses the structure of DNA to represent the two different states of mind in the cannabis consumer, whereby one strand of the DNA represents ordinary consciousness (state of mind when NOT under cannabis influence), while the other strand represents cannabis consciousness (state of mind under cannabis influence).With this model, we see that each state of mind can inform and help the other, thus allowing a better therapeutic understanding of the dynamic mind-body in its utilization of altered states of consciousness.