cannabis fitness
conference 2018
​I had just finished writing my textbook Movies, Marijuana, and Mind when I received the final notice for submissions at ICR's 2018 conference. With little idea what to do and only a few days until the deadline, I came up with the following title and decided to do a panel discussion revolving around 20 (presumably) provocative questions.
In terms of numbers, this talk was even worse than the year before (my start time coincided with the end time of ICR's honorary "Mechoulam Lecture"). I did however score in terms of quality, as my audience consisted of two former hospice colleagues, a college counselor, and two cops (who previously had been "keeping guard" in the empty hallway outside the classroom until they kindly accepted my invitation to "join the fun"). I like to think I'm the first and only speaker at this conference to have invited the cops to his talk...exactly the kind of diversity, inclusiveness, and openness I like in my audience, however many or few they may be. So far as the panel discussion, we only had time to touch on a few of my 20 questions, such as the one in my first slide above, as well as those in the three slides that followed..