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a nutshell
As expressed in one of the essays in our textbook (see Chap 1, section 3, “Cannabis, Society, and Me: In a Nutshell”...aka the Ace of Clubs), most of my adult life I’ve felt like a misfit, out of place in a society that for me is often too crowded, too busy, and too mundane for my tastes and interests. I suppose part of my discontent is society’s problem and the way it works, and part is due to my own make-up and preferences and problems thereof. What do you think? What is your relationship to society?
Do you think mainstream society is generally healthy? Why, or why not? In the above mentioned essay, I list 10 signs and symptoms that indicate our current social system is seriously ill. I also list 10 possible sources or contributors to this sickness, as well as three possible treatments or cures. All is not doom and gloom however, as I see so many great things happening in our world, so many great positives and possibilities. Which begs the question: In a modern world filled with so much genius and madness, what makes the difference between these two extremes of mind and lifeway? What is it that marks that oft-observed "fine line" between genius and madness? Might it have something to do with Meaning and Purpose? How about Honesty, Communication, Openness, Balance? What do you think?