cannabis fitness
the role of pharmacist
All drugs have their benefits and risks,  potential adverse reactions and side effects. Even cannabissafe as it is compared to most other drugs, demands some education and caution in its use. Conventional pharmacists unable (for various reasons) to serve as educators and counselors in the realm of cannabis, it's mostly up to dispensaries at this point to fill the gap. Is this adequate? Are budtenders the gatekeepers here? If so, what of their training, their obligations, standards and limits in care? Might an associates degree in budtending be in order here?
Before we were pharmacists, we were called chemists. Before that we were called alchemists. And way before that we were called shamanmedicine men and women, and in some circles, witch doctors. Over the past hundred years our role has shifted from medicine maker and mixer to public educator and patient counselor. Though some would see us as mere pill counters and insurance billers, we are in fact gatekeepers and safety filters between drug producers and drug consumers.