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What exactly do I mean by the term The Thirteenth Configuration? It  would take some serious explaining without referencing the film The Ninth Configuration (the movie introduced in Chapter 1 of our textbook, see section one, aka the Ace of Spades), as this invented term and the concept it represents were inspired by this film. 
Since I give a thorough explanation of its meaning in the introduction (aka the Joker) of our textbook, for now suffice it to say The Thirteenth Configuration represents a major period or epoch in the evolution of life; indeed it's the current epoch we are in, one defined by the overwhelming presence of us humans, these self-reflective units whose consciousness now grows at an exponential rate. A deep consideration of the significance of this situation and its meaning at this critical time in planetary evolution gets to the heart of our exploration. Now, helping us to get this heart of the Thirteenth Configuration, we use the symbol of the caduceus as a tool and map to aide our understanding of the concepts and process of cosmogenesis...