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deeper into the heart
Getting to the heart of the Thirteenth Configuration and the arrival of this epoch in the process of cosmogenesis requires two very different but equally valid and fully human ways of knowing and understanding our world: science and sympathy.

To science goes the intellect with all its powers of investigation and analysis, dissecting the world into parts in order for a better understanding of its composition and how it came to be, including the common evolutionary history of everything.

​​To sympathy goes the heart with all its powers of knowing through feeling and loving, a power not easily and typically explained or acknowledged by science, but, as we humans know from first-hand experience, exists in full force none the less.
As a map of cosmogenesis, the caduceus shows the evolutionary history of our cosmos from the "big bang" to the present day (the Thirteen Configuration) and beyond to some ideal world ahead, which, though hidden from the eyes of science, reveals itself through the poet, dreamer, and sage.

​As a map of cosmogenesis in a holographic universe, the caduceus shows both the history of the whole and the history of part, that is, the growth and development of the Cosmos, as well as the growth and develop of the person within it.
It requires we study and reflect upon our world and life: What's going on right now and how did we get to this point? 

It requires we study and reflect upon our own person and life: Where am I right now and how did I get to this point?
Indeed, understanding the Thirteenth Configuration requires Great Work.